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In A Moments Touch....Anything Can Happen

Cubone: Welcome to "In A Moments Touch" This is our shrine dedicated to the pairings of Tidus & Yuna, and Squall & Rinoa from the Final Fantasy series.

Miltank: Please enjoy your stay as you find the wonders of love. You can look around if you'd like. Right Cubone?

Cubone: Right. So, hurry up and look around. Oh, we are Cubone and Miltank, the Webmistressess. E-mail us at the e-mail address below.

Miltank: Well, have fun! ^-^

Hey Squall!

What Tidus?

Hi Yuna........

Oh! Um......hello...Rinoa.

Cubone: This is the very first day we have made this site. Next year, will be the first anniversary.
Miltank: Yup. So you can be here next year for the celebration! ^-^
Cubone: We finished all of the information pages. Hard work. ^-^
Miltank: We finished the picture pages for Tidus, Squall, Yuna, and Rinoa! Check them out!
Cubone: We'll see what else we can do today. Today, we are kinda busy. ^-^

Disclaimer: We do not own nor did we create Tidus, Yuna, Squall or Rinoa. We made this site for enjoyment. They are owned by Enix.